Health Programs

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Body Mind and Spirit

Thamarai’s Health and Well-being service integrates natural health care, leadership and family support services such as addiction rehabilitation programs. The health care program integrates primary health care with ancient proven techniques such as yoga, energy healing, acupressure, herbs, natural supplements, diet, and exercise – all of which are designed to maintain a state of balance and harmony within the body, mind and spirit. 

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The combination of health and leadership programs not only helps to establish well being and full potential but also to support change in unhealthy lifestyles and prevent health problems for the present and future generations.

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A Dedicated Trainer​

This program is designed, managed and delivered by Muthukumari, a qualified yoga teacher who has over 15 years of experience delivering health programs to villagers through Auroville Health Services and the Edayanchavadi Healing Center (a former Thamarai Project). Muthukumari, originally from one of the local villages, delivers yoga classes that integrate principles of primary health care, nutrition, the body’s physical and energy systems and healing in educational sites in the villages surrounding Auroville. A curriculum is used that participants can then continue with as they step up to lead the group.

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This program is a linked service to other organizations that provide support for health and well being such as de-addiction programs, Auroville dental clinic and health center and Auroville Village Action Group. Muthukumari is committed to providing health education that fosters empowerment supporting people to take control of their own and family health in a natural way. In 2018-2019 she trained 150 women in 7 locations from 20 villages. In 2019-2020 she is continuing her work with women's groups and has programs in 12 government schools as well as in Thamarai Learning Centers.

Alcohol Awareness and Addiction

Well being is augmented with an alcohol awareness program and de-addiction service as many homes struggle with the effects of alcoholism.

In 2016 the youth of Thamarai created a well-being campaign to counter alcohol in Edayanchavadi village that birthed a focused effort to tackle alcoholism. Today Thamarai  has a counseling and de addiction support service and is augmented by occasional campaigns to raise awareness. Thamarai team work closely with the AA association supporting the establishment of meetings and offering financial support for people to attend 30 day de addiction programs and ongoing counseling.