The After School Program

Thamarai learning centre hosts a daily after school facility for homework support, sports, and regular classes in arts, cultural activities and themed core subject classes. The centre has 60 regular children and a team of 11 youth facilitators daily (local and international) and many regular visiting facilitators for special classes. Annai Nagar  is a marginalised community, being dalit, with a population of 1500 people and 135 families. What has been an interesting development is the number of children/youth who are attending the service from surrounding villages. We have enhanced our program this year by incorporating digital literacy and English as key components as well as widening our sense of place with linkages to projects and student in other locations locally and worldwide. We also have completed a thrice weekly digital literacy program for 5th to 8th standard in Edayanchavadi Government school and health programs for children.

Health and Wellbeing Program and Service

Muthukumari leads a Mobile Health Education program of 30 weekly sessions with a foundation in yoga and primary health care in 7 locations attracting 150 women from 20 villages. The sessions include health indicators with pre and post program testing to measure the effects on participants. The program is thriving and has just graduated its first women trainers who will now become instructors for the continuation of their groups and the establishment of new groups thus creating a sustainable model for ongoing yoga, health and well being at village level. The program is also offered  to school children in the villages surrounding Auroville and enhanced with health camps through Auroville dental and health centres and local hospitals.

Well being is augmented with an alcohol awareness program and de-addiction service as many homes struggle with the effects of alcoholism.

Alcohol Awarness and Deaddiction

In 2016 the youth of Thamarai created a wellbeing campaign to counter alcohol in Edayanchavadi village that birthed a focussed effort to tackle alcoholism. Today Thamarai  has a counselling and de addiction support service and is augmented by occasional campaigns to raise awareness. Thamarai team work closely with the AA association supporting the establishment of meetings and offering financial support for people to attend 30 day de addiction programs and ongoing counselling.

The Playgroup

Thamarai playgroup has 32 children for whom we offer a 5 day – 9am -3pm activities based learning program for 2 year to 3 year old children. All these children are assured a place for further education in Udavi School, an Auroville outreach school. In this academic year 17 boys and 15 girls joined the playgroup. We have 4 teachers and an international volunteer. Thamarai playgroup has a program of activity and play based  learning and also have special emphasis experiment on fine and gross motor skills.