We are a team who passionately believe in the values of full potential, well being and empowerment for all. Our project name, Thamarai, means lotus flower in Tamil, like the lotus flower we believe each one has the potential to flower to their fullest given opportunity. Thamarai envisions to create an enabling environment for the children and young adults to be creative, expressive, responsible and productive along with improving their learning curve and agency. This we do through various programs that include playgroup, after school, leadership, health, environmental and cultural education. See our project section for more information.

The relationship between Auroville and the surrounding villages has always been one of interdependence. Local people were the teachers for the early pioneers who were unused to such a barren landscape. Today, the two are interconnected in so many ways from natural resources such as water and food supplies to 1/3 of the Auroville residences originally coming from the local villages. 6,000 people also find daily employment in Auroville and there are approximately 50 Auroville outreach projects focused on  village development through a multiple of areas such as education, health, infrastructure, ecology etc.