Through the Stewardship for New Emergence leadership programs created by Dr. Monica Sharma, former director of leadership and capacity with the UN, children, youth and adults are supported to source their inner potential and to see themselves as agents of change in their lives and communities.

They are supported to build their agency and to design projects for value based sustainable solutions to the problems of their village and the world.

In 2018, we completed a year long Stewardship and film making program where the children identified what they cared about and what they wanted to change in their lives and communities. They came up with great projects such as building awareness on waste management, saving water and trees, developing a library, sports, peace and harmony, health and hygiene.

The children are now active partners in the design and implementation of the new Thamarai Learning center with surrounding gardens and sports area, using the Stewardship frame for a learning in action program. 

leadership learning action

Learning in Action

In 2018-2019, 18 youth facilitators and 40 children attended the Stewardship for New Emergence program. All are now in weekly practice groups and have individual projects that they are working on in areas that they care about and want to manifest a change in.

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We are deeply grateful to Dr. Monica Sharma for access to this life changing program. The program covers sourcing inner potential, shifting unworkable patterns/norms and values based design for implementation change through self reflective processes, design and implementation tools and tools for practicing value based processes.