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Bringing back the traditional remedies

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In today’s time, if we compare our lives to ones we lived a decade ago, we can easily notice tremendous difference, changes that occurred due to the pollution of air, water, food, soil, and so on. Adding to the list, technology has made human’s into an instrument, barely moving, much less exercising. Being part of health programs past 12 years, I noticed the change in living practices and how the traditional remedies once largely used are now completely replaced by medical support from Hospitals and Clinics.
Even though such solutions are practical and effective at present, I felt the need to educate the villages by bringing a system change and educating them on the lost traditions that are actually much healthy and sustainable.

In past years, the programs designed mainly focussed on empowering women and changing their lifestyles for their own betterment. Many women go through many physical complications due to work load and psychological complicarions due to stress at home, like partner’s alcohol addiction, which unfortunately is very commonly seen. To overcome these issues, our program helped women realise the benefits of healthy living and how few minutes of Yoga a day can help them improve their mental and physical health.

For the past year, the health program mainly focussed educating women in Auroville units, and we reached some more through the Mobile Health Program that was conducted for a short duration of time. This coming year, we aim on focussing and designing a program for government school children and some of the Auroville Outreach schools. As conducting these programs last year in few of the government schools helped us realise even better how starting and making this as a habit since an early age can be a huge step towards change.


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