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Children Planting Drought Resistant Species

As we are developing a new sports field in Annai Nagar, along with the youth of the village, we agreed to do a hedge along the side of the road. This hedge will be a pleasant visual barrier and it will help the soil from getting washed away during the monsoon rains.

The Thamarai team, along with the youth representatives from the village and an Auroville Forest Group member, went together to the Auroville Botanical Gardens to select the plants. All the chosen plants are drought resistant plants which needs a minimum of water to grow and they can hold the soil firmly to prevent soil erosion.

The youth and children from the village worked together to dig the holes. The place we chose for planting was along the road side, therefore the soil was really hard to get through but even with all those difficulties we managed to finish the holes. We then waited for the first rains and started to plant with the youth and the children. Everyone participated to this common effort very eagerly.

planting in Annai Nagar
planting in Annai Nagar

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