Oliyin Vitai

Oliyin Vitai

On March 16th, Thamarai in association with Yatra Arts Media organised a film screening event in Annai Nagar village, where we have one of our after-school centres. Yatra Arts Media for 6 months taught Thamarai after-school children how to film, write scripts and let them explore this field of creativity (Click here to read more about this program). The event was conducted to mark the end of this beautiful program, and showcase of what our children learnt over these months. On this occasion, all members of the village and guests were present to encourage the children’s work.

ideal village

In the afternoon, we had activities like collective art, painting the village that the children dream to see, Palmera leaf craft, Wellpaper creations, an activity where they expressed what they would like to be on an old CD, silambam class for other children and guests, ending the activity session with a drum concert.

Our children had set up the after-school and designed the ground to welcome artists, guests and students from Reunion Island, who also gave a presentation on their country to our children. In the evening, parents and guests joined our event to appreciate the movies children made. Each one had prepared a speech in English and Tamil and gave front of all the them.

thamarai joy of impermanence

A huge thanks to Srini Anna and his team who guided our children during the 6-month movie programme. This helped our children to believe in their abilities and realise their love for drama, care for their environment and curiosity towards direction.

To the artists and intervenant who came to provide creative work and generous activity to our children: Krupa and her art kart, Mathilde and her wonderful fresque, Melina and her magical argile village; Manoj and his traditional palmera leaf treasure, Wellpaper team and their upcycled paper activities, Gajemdiran, father of one of the children and potter of the village, Reunion Island who brought wonderful toys and gifts for our children and our amazing Thamarai team.


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