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Build a Learning Center with us in Southern India


Enabling Futures 2020! We at Thamarai stand for the values of full potential and well being of all. After 13 years of providing educational services in temporary or rented spaces, we are building a learning centre and sports ground on land offered by Auroville to us for village well-being activities. Thamarai is the Tamil word for lotus flower and supports a daily playgroup for 36 children, two after-schools for 100 children and natural health care educations and services for all.



The immediate challenge is that we lack a permanent facility for our after-school and education programs. We want to ensure the longterm sustainability of the project for the people of Annai Nagar and surrounding villages. Also, there is a lack of access to quality after school education and many have challenging home lives with alcoholism and unemployment. We want to support this generation of children to unfold their greatness and have the opportunities they dream about in their lives.


The new learning center will enable us to have a solid base for our educational programs, reach a wider population, and expand the programs we offer.

Long-Term Impact

We aim for an increase in literacy, education levels and in health and wellbeing for residents of Annai Nagar and surrounding villages. We also want to foster leadership and capacity development through Stewardship and Sports Programs so that the future generation see themselves as change-makers for their communities and being part of change for the wider world.

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